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What our partners say

Bringing Memfault into the NXP Partner program was an obvious choice, as they provide clear value to customers who are looking to deploy edge-connected products. Memfault has made it easy to integrate their SDK into base projects for NXP devices and transfer diagnostics data to their cloud platform. This allows customers to save time and focus on building leading products rather than on triaging and troubleshooting.

Brendon Slade

Director of MCU Tools and Ecosystem, Edge Processing

Nordic is partnering with Memfault to enable our customers to gather valuable insights during development, and to meet the expectations of their customers in production. In the past, only a few product makers have had the resources to build this kind of capability in-house. All Nordic Semiconductor customers can now take advantage of the Memfault platform and adopt this powerful capability for their products.

Joel Stapleton

Principal Engineering Manager

By partnering with Memfault, we enable our customers to gather valuable insights both during development and while end devices are deployed in the field. Recent Memfault momentum, like their Nordic Semiconductor partnership and their critical role in the Zephyr project, speak to the company’s expanding presence in the connected device ecosystem, which made the choice to work with them an easy one.

Jonathan Kaye

Senior Product Director

For connected IoT devices, there’s no better pair than Nordic’s nRF91 SiP integrated with Memfault’s monitoring and debugging capabilities. With Nordic and Memfault, we are able to monitor key metrics like connectivity and low power states that allows us to shorten development time and build stronger connected devices.

Luka Mustafa

Founder & CEO

A key part of Alif’s mission is to streamline and simplify the development of smart, power-efficient connected devices. The high level of functional integration in our MCUs and fusion processors, combined with highly flexible software enablement solutions, such as Memfault’s device observability platform, sets developers on a path to be productive right away, and lets them deploy their products to the market faster.

Mark Rootz

Sr. Marketing Director

Memfault`s unique approach to embedded device data observability really resonated with our engineers and us, as it gives firmware developers insight into their products that they cannot get with any other tools. We are looking forward to working with Memfault to help companies accelerate their IoT journey and time to market while also reducing risk and cost.

Morten Steinvåg

Chief Commercial Officer

Golioth’s continued focus on solving one of the IoT’s biggest challenges—untangling the messy middle between hardware and the cloud—led us to Memfault and its unique ability to improve and accelerate IoT device development.

Jonathan Beri


Featured Partner

Nordic Semiconductor

Memfault recently announced our new partnership with Nordic Semiconductor that provides Nordic customers free access to all the features of the Memfault platform which will enable them to accelerate product development and ship products with greater confidence.

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Accelerate your business results and make both your, and your customers' products better.

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Increase revenue

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Improve customer happiness

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Differentiate from competitors

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Featured Partner


Memfault recently announced our new partnership with Infineon to offer developers working on Infineon ARM-based microprocessors the diagnostic capabilities, device observability, and remote updating of the Memfault platform.

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