Proactively monitor any smart device, anywhere

Monitor your releases and view data-driven device and fleet-level metrics, like battery health, connectivity, and more in real-time dashboards.

Proactively monitor any smart device, anywhere


Identify issues before your customers notice them

Observability can't start and end at the application level. You need full visibility down to the firmware on your devices to make informed decisions.

Customize for your needs

Add custom metrics with just 2 lines of code and configure alerts to track what’s most important to you.

Track release adoption

Understand the adoption rate for a critical software update with version reporting.

Scale up or scale down

Decide how many metrics to collect based on your device’s connectivity, power, and bandwidth needs. We handle it all.



Full visibility on one dashboard

  • Check in on device check-ins
    Flag devices that have no check-ins in a given timeframe and Memfault will send you an alert.
  • Track release adoption
    How many devices have installed your release? How many are running to issues? Memfault’s dashboards will give you real-time visibility.
  • Watch metrics after releases
    Watch for anomalies and determine if a rollback is needed with insight into metrics like total memory usage.

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Understand the health of your fleet

Memfault indexes and aggregates metrics collected by your devices to provide you not only with insights into how individual devices are performing but also the emergent behavior of your entire fleet.

Whether you want to avoid downtime by monitoring battery life or you care most about connectivity state or memory usage, get all of your key metrics in one place.


Flexible full-stack architecture

Scale your devices without scaling issues

Memfault works on Android/AOSP, Linux, and all major RTOSs and bare metal projects using any connectivity (WiFi, Bluetooth, LTE, LoRa, etc.). Memfault integrates seamlessly into your infrastructure, so shipping and managing millions of devices is no different than one.

Memfault SDK
Memfault SDK

Integrates into your OS and collects full device coredumps, backtraces, debug registers, logs, and custom metrics.

Robust Cloud Backend
Robust Cloud Backend

Crunches the numbers and analyzes the data to provide a snapshot of your fleet health with recommendations.

Intuitive Web Application
Intuitive Web Application

Receive alerts about issues directly to your desktop and drill into individual issues along with overall fleet health in dashboards.


What our customers say

“Memfault gives us the hard data to be confident in the reliability of our firmware and proactively take action, resolving issues before our users are impacted. These real-time device-level metrics and alerts have streamlined engineering processes and improved the overall health of our devices immensely. ”

“Capturing and interpreting useful crash logs is HARD. It would take months and significant engineering resources to implement the tooling necessary to get equivalent functionality to what Memfault offers. ”

“Memfault definitely increased productivity and efficiency. QA just sends our engineers a Memfault link instead of sending emails with logs attached back and forth to QA.”


Deep Insights into Performance Monitoring

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Using Memfault, Panic can now monitor, manage and optimize their devices without relying on user involvement.

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Watch this recording to learn how to build out your monitoring solutions using metrics allowing you to scale your fleet.

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