Best Practices for Debugging Connected Applications Running Zephyr

Recorded Presentation from Zephyr Dev Summit

About the Webinar

Zephyr comes with a lot of built-in capabilities that, of course, provide a lot of value but can make it challenging to find the most efficient ways to debug issues quickly.

In this talk, Luka and Chris walk through configuration options and settings that can be used to investigate connectivity issues and faults when working with Zephyr. They present how to use tools like Memfault to speed up this process and fix these problems remotely. Finally, they walk through some real-world examples of how IRNAS debugs their Zephyr devices in production.

The presentation slides can be downloaded directly here.


Luka Mustafa, Founder & CEO, IRNAS
Chris Coleman, Co-Founder & CTO, Memfault of Memfault.

Take the Hard out of HardFault

It’s time to stop relying on incomplete user crash reports and physical debuggers to reproduce and fix device issues in the field.
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