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Memfault is the first cloud-based observability platform for connected device debugging, monitoring, and updating, which brings the efficiencies and innovation of software development to hardware processes.

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About Memfault

Our story

Built for engineers by engineers

Our founders first conceived the idea of Memfault years ago while working on the embedded software team at Pebble. Every week, thousands of customers reached out to complain of Bluetooth connectivity issues, battery life regressions, and unexpected resets. Investigating these bugs was time-consuming: they had to either reproduce issues on their own units, or ask customers to mail their watches back to debug them manually.

To improve the process, they drew inspiration from web development best practices and built crash reporting, cloud-based software delivery, and performance monitoring infrastructure so they could move fast, even when managing device fleets in the millions. They spent years refining those ideas at Oculus where François led the embedded software team, and Fitbit where Chris and Tyler worked as senior engineers.

Recognizing that any connected device team could benefit from what they were building, François, Chris, and Tyler founded Memfault in 2018. With the help of colleagues from Pebble, they built the first end-to-end observability platform for connected devices, allowing firmware engineers to be just as productive as software engineers.


Team Memfault

François Baldassari

Founder & CEO

Chris Coleman

Co-Founder & CTO

Tyler Hoffman

Co-Founder & Firmware Engineer

Ryan Case

Director of Engineering

Marcel Jackwerth

Software Engineer

Martijn Thé

Software Engineer

Jon Feldman

Account Executive

Garret Overholser

Development Manager

Fausto Núñez Alberro

Software Engineer

Colleen Harig

Marketing Manager

Andie Cockerill

Customer Engagement Manager

James Pelham

Account Executive

Victor Bordo

Software Engineer

Topher Brown

Software Engineer

Heiko Behrens

Head of Product

Steve Penna

Software Engineer

Ville Lindholm

Software Engineer

Lizzy Peake

Business Development Representative

Natalie Griesser

Business Development Representative

Noah Pendleton

Firmware Solutions Engineer

Dwight Sankey

Technical Account Manager

Jordan Chivell

Account Executive


Recent News


Memfault's Device Observability Platform Now Available for Android and Microcontroller-Based Devices with Free Trial

April 29, 2021


Memfault Raises $8.5M in Series A Funding to Expand the First End-To-End Observability Platform for IoT Devices

April 1, 2021


Device monitoring and management startup Memfault nabs $8.5M

April 1, 2021



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