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Memfault manages your firmware releases and alerts you when issues arise. Catch problems before your customers notice.

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We take care of software updates and diagnostics, so that you can focus on what makes your products unique. Memfault’s SDK works with your existing hardware. Monitor and deploy your firmware to low level devices via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB, or proprietary protocol.

Memfault OTA

  • Update firmware binaries with simple UI & API.
  • Stage and revert rollouts to devices by segments, i.e. production, internal, beta, etc.
  • Monitor deployment status and version adoptions.
  • Deploy specific builds to targeted devices.

Memfault Insights

  • Collect and visualize metrics that matter.
  • Identify trends in battery life, wireless RSSI, camera on/off time, and more!
  • Guide product, engineering, and support teams in planning and roadmap development.

Memfault Traces

  • Capture backtraces, local variables, state, etc., on errors.
  • Customize error conditions and hook into exceptions, i.e. crashes, connectivity failure, software bugs, etc.
  • Identify when and why crashes occur with reset analytics.
  • Prioritize issues based on trends.

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Why use Memfault?

Our team has shipped over 15 consumer electronics products at leading hardware companies, such as Oculus, Fitbit, and Pebble. We built Memfault from the ground up with your engineering, product, and support teams in mind.

Engineering Leads

  • Prioritize pending issues and improvements
  • Allocate resources based on quantitative overview

Product Team

  • Provide insights into device performance and usage
  • Catch and fix issues before customers notice


  • Debug with log data instead of customer feedback
  • Get alerted as new issues arise

Support Team

  • Lower inbound request volumes with automated diagnostics
  • Reduce time to resolution with device-level visibility

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