Device Reliability Platform for IoT Monitoring, Debugging, & OTA Updates

Transform your connected device fleet with proactive device operations and embedded observability for any hardware running Android, Linux, or MCU (RTOS or bare metal).


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Device Reliability Platform for IoT Monitoring, Debugging, & OTA Updates


A smarter move to scale your smart devices

Manual intervention isn’t enough for firmware development, maintenance, and improvement anymore. Memfault’s SDK and web app enable device reliability engineering (DRE) techniques. DRE is a set of principles and practices that arms your team with a more scalable and sustainable strategy to build and operate embedded devices by incorporating aspects of software development and applying them to IoT and edge device development, maintenance, and improvement. 

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What we do

It's time for proactive device operations

Monitor device and fleet-level metrics at every stage of the device lifecycle, debug device issues, and ship bug fixes and feature updates with confidence all from one platform.

Monitor device and fleet performance

Increase device stability and functionality with full visibility into the health of your devices via fleet and device-level metrics in one dashboard.


Scale devices without scaling issues

Resolve issues before they impact customer devices with automated issue alerts, issue deduplication, and collection of metric, log, event, and error data all in the cloud.


Ship and manage controlled OTA updates

Ship bug fixes and feature updates more frequently by de-risking your OTA updates with targeted release management keeping your customers happy.



What our customers say

Memfault saves our developers many hours each week and puts better performing product in the hands of our end users.

Karthik Rajagopal

Head of Engineering, Logitech

Memfault gives us the hard data to be confident in the reliability of our firmware and proactively take action, resolving issues before our users are impacted.

Raman Thapar

VP of Engineering, Latch

To this date, integrating Memfault was probably one of the best decisions I’ve made for this company because it saved us so many headaches and so much time.

Konstantin Klitenik

Head of Engineering, Silvertree

I wouldn't go to market on an IoT device without Memfault in place.

Mike Ressler

Chief Technology Officer, Diamond Kinetics

Capturing and interpreting useful crash logs is HARD. It would take months and significant engineering resources to implement the tooling necessary to get equivalent functionality to what Memfault offers.

Alvaro Prieto

Principal Embedded Software Engineer, Sofar Ocean

case study

Proactively Identifying Issues in the Field with Fleet Health

"It’s vital to Airthings that we act as swiftly as possible to provide uninterrupted, reliable service to our customers, and Memfault is a key tool for us in doing this."

Audhild Randa, Chief Operating Officer

Case Study
Proactively Identifying Issues in the Field with Fleet Health


Transform every stage of the device lifecycle

Whether you're going to market with a new product, enhancing devices with a feature update, or resolving an issue in the field, Memfault will transform the way you build and operate IoT and edge devices with embedded observability and proactive device operations.

New Product Development

New Product Development

Ship products faster with confidence and plan roadmaps based on real-time insights into device performance and usage.

Pre-Release QA & Testing

Pre-Release QA & Testing

Resolve issues before your devices even get shipped to your customers or before you roll out a new release to everyone.

Maintenance & Support

Maintenance & Support

Catch all smart device issues automatically before your customers notice them for quick issue resolution and customer retention.


Support for Any Device Type - Any Hardware. Any Operating System. Any Connectivity.

No need to change your existing infrastructure. Memfault is modular and has seamless integrations with all embedded devices running Android, Linux, RTOS or bare metal.


Ship better products, faster

Device reliability engineering (DRE) enables customers to leverage software development techniques with individual device and fleet-level data to accelerate IoT and edge device delivery while minimizing risk.

Accelerate time to market

Shorten product development and QA time without sacrificing device quality and performance for more confident device shipments.

Increase predictability for resource planning

With Memfault's enterprise-ready platform, you don't need to incur more costs or hire extra people to build and maintain internal systems as you scale.

Build more feature-rich products

Utilize device performance observability and OTA updates to focus on product development and shipping more features that bring in revenue.

Elevate customer loyalty and brand recognition

Quick issue resolution coupled with frequent feature releases ensures you'll get fewer customer complaints and increase their happiness.

Improve cross-team collaboration

Decrease communication overhead and enable all teams to resolve issues on one platform with data and without engineering intervention.

Use one platform for all products

Whether you are shipping a Linux, Android, RTOS or bare metal device, Memfault supports all hardware, all operating systems, and all connectivity anywhere in the world.

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