Cloud Debugging and Observability for Your IoT Devices

Reduce risk, ship products faster, and resolve issues proactively by upgrading your Android and MCU-based devices with Memfault.

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Cloud Debugging and Observability for Your IoT Devices
A smarter move for smart devices


A smarter move for smart devices

By integrating Memfault into smart device infrastructure, developers and IoT device manufacturers can monitor and manage the entire device lifecycle, from development to feature updates, with ease and speed.

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What we do

One platform for more efficient device operations

Monitor hardware and firmware performance, remotely investigate issues, and incrementally rollout targeted updates to devices without disrupting customers.

Continuously monitor devices

Go beyond application monitoring with device and fleet-level metrics, like battery health and connectivity with crash analytics for firmware.


Remotely debug firmware issues

Resolve issues more efficiently with automatic detection, alerts, deduplication, and actionable insights sent via the cloud.


Systematically deploy OTA updates

Keep customers happy by fixing bugs quickly and shipping features more frequently with staged rollouts and specific device groups (cohorts).



Ship better products, faster

Memfault has saved our customers millions of dollars and engineering hours by bringing the same flexibility, speed, and innovation of software development to hardware development.

Accelerate time to market

Shorten product development and QA time while lengthening and improving device functionality in production.

Reduce engineering and support overhead

Catch all smart device issues before your customers notice them and automate redundant tasks enabling quick issue resolution and more free time.

Lengthen life time value

Device and fleet-level monitoring and metrics give you full observability enabling better product development and updates.

Increase customer happiness

Quick issue resolution coupled with frequent feature releases ensures your customers will love your product.

case study

Skip finds show-stopper bug at launch with Memfault

To ship their scooters on time with confidence in the firmware’s stability to ensure customers' safety, Skip turned to Memfault for efficient crash reporting.

Case Study
Skip finds show-stopper bug at launch with Memfault


Full-cycle device management

Whether you're going to market with a new product, enhancing a device with a feature update, or resolving an issue in the field, you need to keep your customers happy, and Memfault has you covered.

New Product Development

Ship products faster with confidence and plan roadmaps based on real-time insights into device performance and usage.

Pre-Release QA & Testing

Resolve issues before your devices even get shipped to your customers or before you roll out a new release to everyone.

Maintenance & Support

Catch all smart device issues automatically before your customers notice them for quick issue resolution and customer retention.


Seamless Integrations

No need to change your existing infrastructure. Memfault is modular and works with Android or any real-time OS on any MCU with any connectivity.


What our customers say

I wouldn't go to market on an IoT device without Memfault in place.

Mike Ressler

CTO, Diamond Kinetics

Capturing and interpreting useful crash logs is HARD. It would take months and significant engineering resources to implement the tooling necessary to get equivalent functionality to what Memfault offers.

Alvaro Prieto

Principal Embedded Software Engineer, Sofar Ocean

Memfault saves our developers many hours each week and puts better performing product in the hands of our end users.

Karthik Rajagopal

Director of Software Engineer, Logitech

Memfault gives us the hard data to be confident in the reliability of our firmware and proactively take action, resolving issues before our users are impacted.

Raman Thapar

Director of Engineering, Latch

It's often difficult to get useful crash reports directly from users, but Memfault makes it easy as we can get almost everything we need without the user's explicit involvement.

Marc Jessome

Senior Embedded Software Developer, Panic

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