Build Your Career at Memfault

We are a global team driven by our shared passion to improve the connected world by providing the best-in-class observability platform to help IoT companies deliver better products to their customers.

Build Your Career at Memfault

Our Values


To build something impactful, we understand the importance of collaboration with those inside and outside of Memfault. We are generous and considerate with our time, talent, and energy.


Memfault celebrates greatness in others. We recognize that gratitude is contagious and necessary to build a strong, positive, and creative environment.


Make every day a little better. Our bar for quality is high, but we also know that perfect is the enemy of good. We prioritize shipping often over polish until perfect.


We believe we must all be excellent to each other. We are always willing to help each other succeed, provide feedback no matter how difficult the conversation, and listen to what each other has to say.


Memfault is each employee's company. Every team member is empowered to carry ideas they hold dear forward and push whichever change to the business they deem necessary.


We believe that ownership and empowerment require transparency. We have access to all business data, share our unadulterated thoughts, and have conversations in the open.



Perks & Benefits

Competitive Salary & Equity

We offer competitive pay – and generous equity in the form of stock options, so that each team member can reap the rewards of Memfault’s success.

401K Retirement Matching

We’ll match up to 4% of your contributions to your employer-sponsored individual US 401k account.

Unlimited PTO (Paid Time Off)

We don’t limit your vacation days. With our Unlimited PTO policy, you’ll decide when to – and for how long to – take time off.

Paid Parental Leave

We offer generous fully-paid parental leave for new parents, with flexibility around your transitions leading up to, and following, your time away.

Flexible Remote Work & Home Office Stipend

Memfolks also enjoy remote work flexibility. You decide which days you’ll work from the office – and which days you’ll work from, well, elsewhere! You’ll also be given a one-time stipend to deck out your home office space with the equipment to help you feel comfortable and productive.

Well-Stocked Company Offices

We have centrally-located private office spaces in Boston, Berlin, New York, and San Francisco, and access to coworking spaces around the globe.

Free Lunches

Up to twice per week, when you work from one of our offices, you’ll be able to enjoy lunch with your coworkers – fully paid by us.

Company Retreats

You’ll join our annual company-wide retreats, where our global team all comes together to enjoy one another’s company in incredible locations around the world.

"As an engineer at Memfault, I get to use and learn many different technologies."

We’ve got the “fullest stack” imaginable: from our SDKs written in C and Kotlin, to our Python backend, to our Typescript/React/Wasm frontend. On top of that, the leadership at Memfault is truly visionary and ambitious, but very empathic and caring at the same time.

martijn headshot
Martijn Thé

Senior Software Engineer

Engineers in the office
"The work at Memfault is fascinating. We are working on solving huge problems for innovative companies in a booming industry."

Our customers are inventors, passionate about building great products. Listening to their goals and designing solutions to help them succeed is extremely energizing.

Andie headshot
Andie Cockerill

Vice President of Customer Experience

Memfault sales and csm team
"One of the things that truly sets Memfault apart is its culture of valuing every team member and ensuring that everyone's voice is heard"

Memfault provides an environment where ideas are not just welcomed, but they’re encouraged and celebrated. This culture of inclusivity and open communication has been a driving force in my professional growth. Being part of a company that values its employees’ contributions and well-being makes all the difference.

Anna Parameswaran headshot
Anna Parameswaran

People Operations Associate

Memfault offsite
"The team at Memfault is one of the most widely skilled groups of people I've been lucky enough to work with- the enthusiasm everyone brings every day makes our work an absolute joy!"

Memfault has a deep understanding of the problems our customers are facing (having been through the same space!) and the creativity I’ve seen brought to those problems is a blast to be a part of.

Noah hedshot
Noah Pendleton

Firmware Solutions Engineer

coffee club at memfault

Product Development at Memfault

Hear from our VP of Product, Heiko Behrens as he walks through the product development process at Memfault, and how our teams adopted and adapted Shape Up.


Job Openings


Not seeing your dream role listed?

We're always looking for new talent across all departments. Shoot us an email with a brief job description of the role you’d like at Memfault. We will be in touch!