End-to-end observability for your AOSP devices

Automatically collect, triage, and analyze issues across the entire Android OS with device and fleet-level monitoring and debugging capabilities.

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End-to-end observability for your AOSP devices

Catch and fix bugs in minutes

Kernel panics, java exceptions, native crashes, ANRs, SELinux violations, and more! Memfault catches Android issues and deduplicates them so engineers can quickly root cause high-impact bugs.

Dig deep into device behavior

Battery life, connectivity, and even custom metrics are all a few clicks away. Manage large fleets of Android devices and identify trends quickly with aggregated fleet-wide metrics.

Put logs in context

Memfault parses log data, and presents a single unified device log which can be search or time-indexed. Look at what a device was doing before and after an issue was reported, or search for a specific log line.

Put logs in context

case study

DMAI improves Android devices with Memfault

"Memfault’s debugging and device monitoring solution reduced RMAs, improving the quality of our customer service"

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DMAI improves Android devices with Memfault

recorded webinar

How to Debug, Update & Monitor Embedded Android Devices

Watch this recorded webinar to learn how Memfault helps you proactively monitor your devices with custom metrics remotely debug issues (kernel oops, ANRs, java exceptions, WTFs, etc.), and deploy fixes to bugs with OTA updates.

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devops for hardware

All teams one platform

Memfault enables smart device makers to shorten product development and QA time while lengthening and improving device functionality in production.


Incrementally rolling out updates to specific cohorts like beta users, with automatic alerts ensures product will run smoothly.

Customer Support

No need to ask your customers 20 questions about what they're experiencing. With Memfault, simply query the device and zero in on the problem.


if an issue occurs during a release, get alerted immediately and stop the rollout with one click without waiting on support.


Plan and aggressive product roadmap with shortened development lifecycles and more frequent releases.



Memfault saves our developers many hours each week and puts better-performing products in the hands of our end users.

Karthik Rajagopal

Director of Software Engineering, Logitech

Because of Memfault, we were able to go to market faster with more confidence in the success of our launch. I wouldn't go to market on an IoT device without Memfault in place.

Mike Ressler

CTO, Diamond Kinetics

It would take months and significant engineering resources to implement the tooling necessary to get equivalent functionality to what Memfault offers.

Alvaro Prieto

Principal Embedded Software Engineer, Sofar Ocean

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