Memfault for ANDROID

One Platform for Android debugging, monitoring, and OTA Updates

Automatically collect, triage, and analyze issues across embedded Android devices with Memfault’s IoT reliability platform.

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One Platform for Android debugging, monitoring, and OTA Updates

Why Memfault?

A Solution for Your Embedded Android Devices

Key takeaways of using Memfault to monitor, debug, and update your Android devices.

Catch and fix bugs in minutes

Kernel panics, java exceptions, native crashes, ANRs, SELinux violations, and more! Memfault catches Android issues and deduplicates them so engineers can quickly root cause high-impact faults.

Small on-device footprint

Memfault requires as little as 4.5kb ROM and 1.5kb RAM space on device and is proven to have no measurable impact on device performance.

Comprehensive data collection

Get precise control over what information is collected from your devices, including the ability to scrub sensitive or personally identifiable information for pre-upload.

Customizable data frequency

Customize the frequency of data collection on device and determine when data should be sent from device to cloud.

Proactive device operations

Dig deep into device behavior with device monitoring – Battery life, connectivity, and even custom metrics are all a few clicks away. Manage large fleets of Android devices and identify trends quickly with aggregated fleet-wide metrics and embedded telemetry.

Build better devices with OTA update management – No more anxiety shipping updates. Memfault provides secure and scalable OTA updates for all IoT devices. With controlled releases, you can debug and ship more frequent releases confidently.

Proactive device operations

Logging and data collection with Memfault

Automatic – All data is captured by Memfault automatically and sent to cloud with no interaction from you or your end user.

Comprehensive – Collect data from across your device and combine crash information with a complete set of device condition metrics.

Intelligent – Issues are automatically detected and intelligently deduplicated, giving you a clear view of impact across your fleet.

Compatible with any Android device

Works with any connectivity set-up – Memfault supports any connectivity technology from WiFi to cellular and can support devices with no direct connection to the internet, e.g. via a gateway.

Designed for battery-powered devices – Memfault was built to support power-constrained devices. Our on-device SDK is event-driven, only running when there is a task and can be tuned to suit your specific set-up.

Compatible with any Android device


What Our Customers Are Saying

To support our fleet of customer-owned Android-based electronic devices, we needed to shift from a limited in-house solution to something more powerful and easier to maintain. Memfault’s OTA Update solution turned out to be more robust than our previous solution, and reduced issues related to update failures helping us increase productivity.

Mingtian Zhao


Memfault gives us the ability to track and identify new kernel crashes quickly and fix them before they become widely deployed and to send OTA updates right from our desks. This has saved our engineers so much time, but most importantly, it has given our customers a better experience with no interruptions. We no longer need to disrupt their business and visit them in person if there is an issue. They won’t even have the chance to notice because we can solve them with Memfault.

Jordan Davis

CTO, Taiv

Memfault’s debugging and device monitoring solution reduced RMAs, improving the quality of our customer service.

Mingtian Zhao


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