Over-The-Air Updates & DeviceOps

Secure, Scalable OTA Firmware Updates for IoT Devices

Whether you’re adding a new product feature or fixing a bug, keep customers happy with frequent, efficient updates.

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Secure, Scalable OTA Firmware Updates for IoT Devices

Memfault Cloud OTA Subsystem


More visibility for more control

Memfault de-risks over-the-air (OTA) updates with real-time monitoring and controlled releases to help you debug and ship new releases confidently on any platform (MCU, Linux, Android / AOSP).

Speed up incident response time

Quickly respond to security vulnerabilities and only send updates to the devices affected with automatic issue detection and cohort-based rollouts.

Ship new features with confidence

Enable experiments and lower risks. Group devices in cohorts and update each separately with staged rollouts.

Enhance existing features for cost savings

Reduce service costs by implementing features like a new communication protocol to reduce cellular bandwidth usage.

Continuously improve your product

Group devices into cohorts
Split devices into specific groups like beta users, customers facing a bug, or another cohort and only rollout to those that need the fix.

Deploy staged rollouts
Choose to release updates incrementally to 10%, 50%, or any size of your device fleet to test updates before you deploy to all devices.

Stop faulty updates with one click
Get notifications about issues in your updates, and rollback the update with one-click before 100% of your fleet is impacted.


Continuously improve your product

Monitor releases and updates in one dashboard

Keep an eye on release adoption
Track how many devices have installed your release, how many have run into issues, and how many have yet to update.

Build a device registry or manage inventory
Store custom attributes for your devices to monitor releases and view data-driven device and fleet-level metrics.

Monitor specific groups with cohorts
Split devices into specific groups to monitor updates with beta users, customers facing a bug, or another group before you deploy to all devices.

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OTA Update Resources


adhoc Case Study

With Memfault’s OTA update capabilities, adhoc can maintain and improve its device fleet reliability.

Read the Case Study

On-Demand Panel: OTA Updates & Fleet Management at Scale

Embedded engineering experts discuss how they've implemented OTA firmware updates when building hardware.

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Documentation: Introduction to OTA Updates with Memfault

Read our docs to learn how Memfault provides secure and scalable updates for all IoT devices.

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devops for hardware

All teams one platform

Memfault enables smart device makers to shorten product development and QA time while improving device functionality in production.


If an issue occurs during a release, get alerted immediately and stop the rollout with one click without waiting on support.


Plan and aggressive product roadmap with shortened development lifecycles and more frequent releases.

Customer Support

No need to ask your customers 20 questions about what they're experiencing. With Memfault, simply query the device and zero in on the problem.


Incrementally rolling out updates to specific cohorts like beta users, with automatic alerts ensures product will run smoothly.


Hear from our customers

Memfault saves our developers many hours each week and puts better-performing products in the hands of our end users.

Karthik Rajagopal

Director of Software Engineering, Logitech

Because of Memfault, we were able to go to market faster with more confidence in the success of our launch. I wouldn't go to market on an IoT device without Memfault in place.

Mike Ressler

CTO, Diamond Kinetics

It would take months and significant engineering resources to implement the tooling necessary to get equivalent functionality to what Memfault offers.

Alvaro Prieto

Principal Embedded Software Engineer, Sofar Ocean

The interrupt blog posts show a lot of passion and understanding of the embedded development space, and their interest in sustainable firmware development makes me feel there is more to that passion than just pushing a product.

Marc Jessome

Senior Embedded Software Developer, Panic

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