Launch Week

Product Analytics

June 24-28, 2024

Product Managers working on embedded devices have a hard time getting the data they need from devices and a disconnect with the engineering team can slow things down and make decisions diffiult. Memfault is bringing these teams together with Product Analytics built for embedded development teams. 

Product Analytics

Product Analytics for embedded devices

Help your team understand exactly how your devices operate, and use the data to make better decisions.

  • Track product engagement and adoption
  • Monitor and analyze feature usage patterns and behaviors
  • Correlate feature usage with device performance and reliability
Product Analytics for embedded devices
June 24th | An introduction to Product Analytics for embedded devices

An overview of the unique challenges of Product Analytics for embedded/IoT devices and what we think teams should be thinking about to get the best data and make the best decisions.

June 25th | First Look! Launch Demo and Live Q&A

Product Release Webinar

Memfault Founder and CEO François Baldassari showcases our newest feature set – Product Analytics.

Take a Guided Product Tour!

Jump into this guided tour and see what’s new. With out-of-the-box metrics and dashboards on Device Vitals, you can quickly identify issues and prioritize fixes.

Coming soon!

June 26th | Product Updates: Sessions, Segments and Advanced Charts

Product Analytics isn’t the only thing we have been thinking about and here we are going to provide an overview of the individual features that we think will make a big difference to everyone using Memfault.

June 27th | QuickStart Integrations

We have been working to make it even easier to adopt Memfault and we are super excited to announce the launch of our QuickStart integrations. QuickStart integrations are available on certain architectures and operating systems and make it possible to get Memfault integrated in minutes.

June 28th | That's a Wrap!

A round-up of all of the exciting features included in this launch week and a sneak peek at what the future looks like for Memfault feature development.



Introducing Product Analytics

Get the complete picture of feature usage and product performance without adding extra systems and steps to your process. Correlate faults, features and external factors to understand real world quality and performance.

Product Engagement and Adoption

Create your own definitions of usage and track and compare different segments overtime.

Usage Patterns and Behaviors

Understand behavior patterns and feature usage across different operating scenarios.

Feature Performance and Reliability

Understand what reliability and performance looks like for specific features, segments and activities.