Skip Finds Show-Stopper Bug at Release with Memfault

About Skip

Skip Scooters operates one of the largest fleets of shared electric scooters for reliable last-mile transportation. Their scooters range among the most advanced on today’s market and Skip is one of only two scooter-sharing companies that were granted operating permission in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Skip’s mission is to energize cities by making mobility accessible to everyone. We believe this requires designing every aspect of a micromobility network from the ground up. This includes custom vehicle hardware, the software-defined fleet management system and ground operations for safety and recharging. Our success will make it easier for everyone to work, play and connect in their communities.

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Company Profile

  • Industry: Last Mile Transportation
  • Location: San Francisco, CA
  • Chipset: STM32
  • Operating System: FreeRTOS
  • Connectivity: Cell


  • Overall crash rate is very low
  • Few customer complaints since issues are caught in developer testing
  • No missed bugs with Memfault’s Coredump feature


Skip’s number one priority when building their scooters has always been their customers’ safety. Skip’s software team developed their scooter firmware entirely in-house but realized that testing their firmware manually only helped them catch some bugs. Once they released their scooters in the field, they had even less visibility into their fleet’s health. To ensure their scooters would be safe with few errors, Skip knew they needed a way to identify and fix all issues in their firmware automatically during pre- and post-deployment. To ship their scooters on time with confidence in the firmware’s’ stability, they knew they would need a crash reporting tool.

We found a major showstopper bug at launch with the help of Memfault’s Coredump feature allowing us to ship on time.

Mike Wadhera

Co-Founder & CTO


Skip looked into the crash reporting tools they used for software but realized that they were not readily adaptable for firmware and would delay their ship date. When Skip CTO Mike Wadhera was introduced to the Memfault team, he knew Memfault’s out-of-the-box remote debugging solution filled all their needs for firmware crash reporting and analytics. After meeting with their knowledgeable engineering team, seeing how easily Memfault would integrate into their devices, he knew partnering with Memfault was the right choice.

“With Memfault, our crash rate overall is very low, and we’ve noticed any regressions are caught in developer testing rather than by our customers.”

Mike Wadhera

Co-Founder & CTO


Splitting their devices into separate cohorts allows the Skip team to easily monitor and debug issues that they would not catch otherwise. Ultimately, Skip Scooters was able to find a major showstopper bug at launch with the help of Memfault’s coredump feature, enabling them to release their products on time with confidence that their customers would be safe and satisfied.

Skip is now a part of Helbiz. You can learn more about Skip and their partnership here.

“Memfault pointed us in the right direction during some last-minute debugging on a ship-stopping highly intermittent issue. It allowed us to ship on time.”

Brian Gomberg

Senior Vehicle Platform Engineer

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