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DMAI’s vision is to lift humanity by developing cognitive AI platforms and products that make personal connections to individuals. They seek to explore the “dark matter” of intelligence – the 95% “invisible” (i.e., functionality, physics, intent, causality, and human utility, through top-down inference and reasoning) that helps to understand the “visible” 5% we see with our sensory inputs. DMAI believes cognitive AI and personalized learning platforms can give people the motivation to advance their lives while empowering teachers to provide more personalized instructions.

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Company Profile

  • Industry: Education Electronics
  • Location: Los Angeles, CA
  • Chipset: SoC
  • Operating System: Android
  • Connectivity: WiFi


  • Reduced customer complaints caused by update failures
  • Increased engineering productivity
  • Improved product and grew business by reallocating resources

Memfault’s OTA Update solution turned out to be more robust than our previous solution, and reduced issues related to update failures helping us increase productivity.

Mingtian Zhao



To manage their Android-based electronic devices, DMAI built several different simple debugging, monitoring, and OTA update solutions inhouse. When they started to scale out their device fleet, DMAI found that their engineers were still spending a lot of manual time on support and maintaining these solutions. To effectively support their fleet of customer-owned Android-based electronic devices and reduce RMAs, DMAI needed something more powerful and easier to maintain than their limited in-house solution.

“To support our fleet of customer-owned Android-based electronic devices, we needed to shift from a limited in-house solution to something more powerful and easier to maintain.”

Mingtian Zhao



After DMAI had a chance to see a demo of Memfault and speak with the team, they knew Memfault’s robust cloud solution would be the answer to their scaling and maintenance issues. Originally, DMAI chose Memfault for their continuous monitoring and remote debugging features, but eventually they had the Memfault team implement an OTA solution. Memfault’s efficient implementation process made it easy for DMAI to get up and running seeing benefits almost immediately.

“Memfault’s debugging and device monitoring solution reduced RMAs, improving the quality of our customer service”

Mingtian Zhao



When it came to identifying and fixing issues, Memfault enabled the DMAI engineering team to act proactively instead of reactively increasing productivity dramatically. Memfault’s OTA update solution helped reduce customer complaints caused by update failures saving the engineers valuable time and improving customer service quality.

Altogether, DMAI improved their product and grew their business by reallocating resources not needed for RMAs anymore. With this success, they plan on increasing the number of their devices with Memfault in the future.

Learn more about DMAI and their vision to lift humanity by developing cognitive AI assistants and platforms that make personal connections to individuals here.

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